Technology has expanded the class options for dancers all over the world. Victoria is traveling throughout the year meeting students from all over. She wants to keep a strong connection with her students and to provide everyone with the chance to take lessons no matter where they are located.  Victoria now offers two ways of taking your dance to a new level online. She offers recorded videos via Powhow & private lessons via Skype. The differences in these two options are listed below. 



Each student's schedule is based on the student's and Victoria's availability. Email with your preferred time slots.


  • Single Lesson - $50
  • 4 Online Classes - $175 (Expires after 3 months)
  • 8 Online Classes  - $300 - Save $50 - (Expires after 4 months) 


What do I need to take a Skype Private Lesson?
A laptop, phone, tablet or desktop, web cam, microphone (usually built into the web cam), and a strong internet connection. Also please have Skype downloaded or access to Google Hangout.

What can I work with Victoria on during the private lessons?
Victoria has coached many students on a wide variety of subjects. Some include competition/performance prep, technique, props, stage presences, and makeup. Victoria will tailor each lesson to your needs.

What is the schedule for Skype Private Lessons?
Victoria works with each student to find a time that works best. If you are interested, please email Victoria at with any scheduling questions.

Couldn't find the information you were looking for? Please check out our Skype FAQ page.

How to Get Started

Email Victoria at with the topics you are interested in, general availability, and how often you would like to meet. 

From there, she will discuss with you the plan that works best for you and schedule your first lesson. After scheduling, you can purchase your class package below. 



Victoria uploaded new recordings every month! Study on your own time and at your own speed.

Pricing Options

  • Single Video - $15-$20
  • Video Package - $60-90
  • Unlimited Video Access Subscription - $50/month
  • Unlimited VIdeo Access Subscription & 1-on-1 Session per Month - $75/month


What do I need to take a PowHow recording?
Just a laptop and internet access! 

How long do I have access to the videos?

If you purchase these videos without the subscription, you will have access to the video indefinitely. If you purchase the subscription, you have access to the videos as long as you are signed up for the monthly fee.

 Still have questions? Please check out our PowHow FAQ page.

                                                                                            How to Get Started

Create an account and register through PowHow. Once you have registered you are able to purchase individual classes or packages. 










Online student comments


Marie-Anne ~ Montreal

Marie-Anne placed 2nd in the fusion category at the AQDO 2014 competition in Quebec with Victoria Teel's Fan Choreography & coaching.

I had the occasion to work with Victoria in order to prepare the AQDO competition which took place in Quebec the 25th of October. She learned me a beautiful fan choreography and coached me during three months. I can’t believe all the work that we have done together! I improved my technique so much (especially isolations) and learned how to dance with a big flutter fan. And finally, I won the the silver medal in the fusion category, I am so grateful! I hardly recommend everyone to take classes with Victoria, even if you are living far. I took all my classes via Skype and it works very well. Victoria is an amazing dancer and a so generous teacher! I can’t wait to start a drum solo with her ;-) Thank you so much Victoria, love you so much and send you millions hugs! <3 <3 <3
— Marie-Anne - Canada
Victoria Teel is an excellent individual instructor. She is professional, classy, and one of the best instructors. She is always punctual, organized, patient, and kind, yet she has a keen eye and a gift for explaining to you in many different ways until you get it. Her strong attention to proper techniques that gives you the building blocks you need to become a better dancer.
— Ivellise - Phildephia, PA
I love Victoria Teel’s online coaching program and look forward to every lesson. She focuses on my individual needs, and tailors her feedback and instruction to me. I get a fresh perspective from every class and I see results!
— Bronwen - Dayton, OH
As a busy professional, creating and sticking to a personal dance practice is difficult, but with Victoria’s mentorship and the convenience and ease of Skype lessons, my motivation is at an all time high. Victoria is brimming with unique tips, tricks, and advice to get the most out of your individual practice away from studio classes. Through our discussions and goal assessments, Victoria assigns homework assignments and exercises tailored to my specific wants and needs, which has played a key role in inspiring me and maintaining a healthy level of motivation. Personable and fun, yet professional and very knowledgeable, Victoria is the mentor I’ve been looking for to sustain my ambitions.
— Luiza S. - USA
In the short time I have been working with her, Victoria Teel has become one of my favorite instructors to learn from. During classes, she easily and quickly identifies the core issues in my dancing that I want to fix and gives me tools that seem simple and natural to the body but are a lot of fun and very effective. I really enjoy taking classes and workshops with her and she has a great ease of manner about her. I highly recommend her instruction and look forward to learning more from her.
— Kirah, NY
Victoria is a breathtaking gem in the world of belly dance. Her impeccable fluidity and flow paired with excellent technique and musicality pushes her to the very top of performers. Who wouldn’t want to gain these qualities in their own dance?
Her professionalism and excellency are also reflected in her coaching. She has a sharp eye to immediately point out what needs to be improved and shows you how to do it. She’ll provide performance feedback as well as drilling you to gain better technique with smart and challenging combinations for your level. Her friendly, positive and supporting attitude encourages you in every study session.
Her flexibility in class scheduling is generous and we’ll give you every free moment of hers with complete attention. Nevertheless, her appreciation of deliberate work will inspire you towards her level of fabulosity in performance quality making your study with her highly valuable.
— Nilay